Casino Saga Events

Below is a chronological list of all of the latest news and happenings that have occurred on the island of Casinoville. To learn more about Casinoville, or for more information on how the Casino Saga works, please go to our Casino Saga homepage.

The Casino Saga Golden Crown Has Been Stolen!

News Updated: 1 day ago

Yesterday was one of the worst days in the history of Sagaville! The evil dragon Betser has managed to steal the Casino Olympics Golden Crown and his 38 henchmen have been spread around the island to create chaos and mayhem to ensure that he evades any pursuit. However, there is still hope as thousands of heroes have flocked to the call and are prepared to battle to the ends of the earth to return the Golden Crown to its rightful place – on the winner’s podium at the Casino Olympics.

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The Sagaville Casino Olympics Has Started

News Updated: 2 days ago

After a 12 month wait, this year’s Sagaville Casino Olympics have started. All of the competitors are at the top of their game and are rated as some of the best ever in the field of casino games play.

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Sagaville is Preparing for the Event of the Year!

News Updated: 3 days ago

It’s almost time for the greatest event on the Sagaville Calendar – The Casino Olympics! Are you ready to join casino fans from all corners of Sagaville Island in one of the greatest events ever to be held in the history of the land?

The slot machines have been polished, the table games erected and the kinks in the Blackjack tables have been ironed out, so are you going to join the casino action?

Sagaville has Another Jackpot Winner!

News Updated: 10 days ago

One of our newest citizens has hit the jackpot while playing Money Manor at Casino Saga! Yes that’s right, MrBigWin has won a number of times of the past 12 days, but the last jackpot win has ensured that he can start living the Casinoville highlife.

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