Meet the Heroes of Sagaville

When you register at Casino Saga you will be asked to choose one of the following heroic citizens of Sagaville to be your avatar. Choose wisely however as they will represent you throughout your adventures on the island, helping you defeat the Casino Saga Bosses and ultimately Betser, before reclaiming the Casino Olympics Golden Crown!

Choose your Casino Saga Avatar

Below are the 10 Casino Saga Avatars that you can choose from when journeying through Sagaville and playing some of the best casino games currently available anywhere!


The cheerful young dwarf Dwalin is well-known across the island for his good luck and devastating skill with the Warhammer. He has been a regular competitor in the Casino Olympics since its inception and is determined to be the one to retrieve the stolen Golden Crown.

Dwalin’s Favourite Game: The Boom Brothers

Dwalin’s Favoured Weapon: His Warhammer (also known as a stone axe)


One of the most intelligent people in Sagaville, Olorin is a wizard of some renown and considerable skill. He is the champion of Riddle City and loved by all of the other heroes of Sagaville for his quick wit and willingness to help others.

Olorin’s Favourite Game: Secret Stone

Olorin’s Favourite Weapon: His Wand of Light


The enigmatic Harrison is a seasoned adventurer from Defenders Valley. His skill with a grappling hook and love of casino games has seen him defeat the dark trails of the Cave of Horrors and claim the high jackpot spins in Excalibur.

Harrison’s Favourite Game: Online Roulette

Harrison’s Favourite Weapon: His Trusty Grappling Hook


Named after the dragon goddess Dragunia, this calm and happy explorer has an affinity for dragon kind unlike any other hero in the Saga. She is fleet of foot and as fearsome as her name implies, plus she is always accompanied by her pet baby dragon.

Dragunia’s Favourite Game: Dragon Island

Dragunia’s Favourite Weapon: Her Baby Dragon


The honourable Wolfenheart is a true knight of the realm and believes in the chivalrous pursuit of truth, justice and the Sagaville way. He is a master of almost all online casino game types and has seldom been bettered on the tournament field.

Wolfenheart’s Favourite Game: Crusade of Fortune

Wolfenheart’s Favourite Weapon: His War Forged Steel Sword


Born and raised in Saga City, this warm-hearted girl loves the passion of the city and the excitement offered by competing in the Casino Olympics. She is always up for a challenge and looks on the defeat of the Betser as her primary objective in life.

Julia’s Favourite Game: Diamond Dogs

Julia’s Favourite Weapon: Her Double Dessert Eagle Pistols


Robina is from the forests of Shimmering and is a master of the bow and arrow. Her best friend is Dwalin the dwarf (with whom she practises playing casino games) and she has regularly won the Blackjack trophy at the Casino Olympics over the past few years.

Robina’s Favourite Game: Robin Hood

Robina’s Favourite Weapon: Her Longbow


The young sorcerous with a mischievous sense of humour, Sabrina and her black cat familiar reside in the Devil’s Gate region of the island and delight in challenging travellers who enjoy playing her two favourite video slots games.

Sabrina’s Favourite Games: Devils Gate and Mythic Maidens

Sabrina’s Favourite Weapon: Her Magic Staff


The smiling alien from out of space (or so it is rumoured), Gomor is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who always has something positive to add to any situation. But don’t be fooled by his sometimes slow manner, because he is rather handy with his void stick (that looks suspiciously like a walking stick).

Gomor’s Favourite Game: Starburst

Gomor’s Favourite Weapon: His Void Stick


Bubbly by name and even bubblier by nature, Fanta is a wood elf from the mystical Entwood Forest, a place filled with troll and other peculiar creatures. This Druidess is a master of natural magic and has the power of Mother Nature on her side.

Fanta’s Favourite Games: Trolls

Fanta’s Favourite Weapon: Her Mini Wand