Welcome Casino Saga Fans

Are you ready to take a magical mystery trip into the world of the Casino Saga? If so, then prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime as you unlock the mystery of where the stolen Golden Crown of Sagaville is and in doing so avert one of the online gaming world’s biggest disasters…

Once Upon a Time at an Online Casino Far, Far away…

There lived a peaceful folk on the island of Sagaville, a peaceful place peopled by great heroes who had a love of gaming, carousing and betting. But not all was as it seemed… For in the heart of all the joy and merriment, there lay a dragon who craved the wealth, power and prestige that went with winning the Golden Crown of Gambling. A coveted prize that was awarded once a year to the citizen of Sagaville that outshone all of the others at the Casino Olympics.

The Casino Olympics

After many years of gaming and competing against each other, the people of Sagaville, with the help of their king, created the Saga Casino Olympics. Over time this tournament became the most important event of the gaming year, allowing the 40 different regions of Sagaville to compete on an equal footing with each other. All the citizens of the island can compete, playing the casino game that represents their region for the prestige of winning the golden crown. Casino games and tournaments are popular in Malaysia. Gamblers get numerous options to play casino games here. However, to ensure safety, gamblers must check the authenticity of the site chosen for gambling. Visit https://sportslens.com/my/online-gambling/ to find the best gambling sites in Malaysia.

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The Good Citizens of Sagaville

The gaming world is full of heroes, but none are as mighty as the fabled folk of Sagaville! Now YOU get to play the leading citizen of your choice, in an adventure that will take you across all 40 regions of the Sagaville Island in search of the stolen Golden Crown. When signing up, you’ll get to play one of the following Casino saga Characters:

Dwalin: The Dwarven weapons specialist

Olorin: The wizard from Riddle City

Harrison: The skilled adventurer

Dragunia: A disciple of the powerful dragon goddess

Wolfenheart: The brave and noble warrior

Julia: The competitive, yet warm-hearted city girl

Robina: The master of the bow and arrow

Sabrina: The mystical mistress of magic

Gomor: The friendly alien from another world

Fanta: The elven druidess

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The Evil Bosses

Where there is good there is also evil, and in Sagaville this rule also holds true! The dangerous dragon Betser is the one responsible for stealing the Golden Crown, but he also has a number of henchmen who are there to protect him and willingly do his bidding. Each one of these dastardly bosses have their own treasures and Sagaville regions that they control, so choose your hero wisely when you meet Cleosaga, Dr-Wutten, Holy-Hathor, Mad Maya and so many more!

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How to Play

Get in on all of the casino action and enjoy an adventurous trip around the island of Sagaville when you sign up and start playing 40 of the world’s top online casino games on the Casino Saga website. It includes bitcoin casino games too. To find the best Bitcoin casinos check out the bitcoin casino erfahrungen blog and determine which is the best Bitcoin casino in 2021. Once you have wagered and played a casino game in a certain region you will defeat the boss in that region and move onto the next. Once you have completed them all, you will need to defeat Betser to reclaim the Golden Crown for the people of Sagaville. Fail and evil will triumph, succeed and you will become the greatest hero in the history of the Casino Saga!